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I started my career in the filmindustries by working as a freelancer.

In 2012, I and a group of friends founded the filmmakers collective „Island Productions“ which was focused on producing imagefilms, commercials and event movies.

After moving to Berlin, I did some internships in filmproduction and  started my education as a media designer (image and sound) at TITANFILM Produktionsgesellschaft mbH.

In 2014, a group of friends, media workers and I founded the "Stammtisch der Filmschaffenden", a collective which brings people from diffrent departments of the filmindustries in Berlin together, to create shortfilms and music videos in

an sustainable way.

After finishing my education, I started working at TITANFILM until 2020.

Now it's time to open a new chapter and bring my ideas and passion up to you and your projects!




Since I have been working in the filmindustries, I have implemented more than 700 projects for clients in various fields.

My work ranges from short films, music videos and commercials to documentaries and event movies, as well as fitness and lifestyle productions.

My ambition when creating films is also what I love the media for: making the impossible, possible.
For me, filmmaking is not just a job, it has ever been a process of passion and development. That's why I have always focused on growing beyond myself and to become even better and creative with every project.

Over the years I worked with a huge amount of cameras, tools and software, which helped me to create my own distinicitve style in framing,  making movements and light design, as well as a rythmic cutting style and a good feeling for music.

Almost 10 years of experience in creating films and video content showed me what's most important in this business: communication.
That's why I'm creating individual solutions for every client, to make sure, your ideas, dreams and needs will come true in a professional way. The main focus is always on personal consultation.

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